My daughter has been at Greater Heights since they first opened and she was under 2 years old. We’re aging out now to start Kindergarten soon and I’ve been very happy with our experience at Greater Heights. All the teachers there have been so loving and kind, one of her current teachers will have been with her for over two years which shows to me that the staff think it’s a great place to work as well. My daughter has absolutely loved going to school there and will miss it when she has to go to the “big kid school.” And we even qualified for Vanguard in HISD so the academics are on point too.

Bini Kadwa

Wonderful teachers, staff, and directors. Our son has been there since they opened and is headed to kindergarten. He would come home surprising us daily with all that he learned. He passed GT testing without issue so they are preparing them well. Our daughter has just started in the infant room and the ladies are so loving there. They have the infant room set up very cleverly and we look forward to keeping her at Greater Heights!

Angela Bloch

I enrolled my son at the beginning of March at GHS (when he was about 10 months old) and I couldn’t be any happier! The staff is very attentive, caring, and thorough and everything is very clean and organized. My son adores his caregivers and he loves being there too — he’s always happy and excited when I drop him off in the mornings. I love this daycare and the amazing staff… I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for childcare!

Tiffany Murray

We love Greater Heights. They have been so accommodating to our family. The teachers in the infant room are very nurturing to our son. When we drop him off, he always has a smile on his face and we know he’s in good hands. I would recommend this school!

Samantha Andon

My daughter loves going here everyday. She is always excited to greet her teacher and join whatever activity is going on. The teachers are very qualified and loving. We’re so happy we found this place. After trying several other daycares, she has enjoyed GHS the most.

Chelsey Nassar

They take very good care of all the babies at this school. My baby is happy when I pick him up and the teachers and directors are open and honest about everything. The owners also work with parents to ease the transition, which is A+ service. Overall, very pleased with this school and care for my 19 month old baby boy.

Claudia Garcia

Excellent childcare and lots of personal attention to each child. No sugary junk food snacks, either. My children love coming here every morning.

Lacey McCafferty

We’ve had a really great experience at the school. Everyone is attentive and open to feedback. The children are well taken care of and loved. I really like that they have a full kitchen so things can go in the fridge. The playground doesn’t have sand or dirt which is really helpful. Overall cute school and my child is really happy.

Kristen Cover

We have two kiddos going to the school and they are both very happy going. I have a late pick up and when I get there both are having so much fun that I’m the one nudging them to go home. All their teachers are very loving and provide detailed reviews of the day and shower them with love while integrating another language in to their lives. We love everyone there.

Catherine ‘Beleza’ Martin

Greater Heights School is just wonderful. They truly love each and everyone of the children that attend there. I work odd hours and am there throughout the day and it has always been just wonderful. My son has been there since he was 9 weeks old. He gets a big smile on his face every time we drop him off. He loves his teachers and you can tell they love him too. The staff is very responsive and truly gets to know your child. For instance, they called me and told me my son was just not himself and so I went to pick him up. He had no fever but was fussy (which is never). I took him home and later that night he had 103 fever. I took him to the Dr. the next day and sure enough he had the flu. It was so nice of them to know my child is in good hands and that they are paying close attention to the fact he wasn’t himself even though he had no other signs is sickness.

Megan Patek Robin