We absolutely love this school. All of the teachers in the infant class (including one of the directors-Ms. Garza) are so caring and thoughtful and you can tell they are happy to be there. Whenever I pick my baby up they make sure he is clean and wipe his nose/change his diapers/clothes etc., They have an App through which they send me pictures throughout the day & he’s always smiling and looking happy! If I can’t be at home with him I’m so glad I can drop him off here. The building and classrooms are super clean and cute. The infant room is amazingly big and they have so many bouncy chairs, swings and loungers for the babies. I wish I would have found this place sooner! Definitely give it a tour if you haven’t.

Jo Murphy

I enrolled my daughter at 3 months old in November, and we are so happy with our experience! They are very attentive, caring, and loving to my baby. They have the highest expectations for their teachers/caretakers that they love the children like they are their own. They have gone above and beyond to keep us pleased and happy. They are very responsive to texts, calls, and emails. They follow all my individual instructions closely! They send pictures throughout the day. My daughter is happy there and likes all her caretakers. All of the babies seem so happy and at ease every time I drop off or pick up my daughter. The facilities are recently renovated and they keep it very clean and tidy. They also sanitize everything daily.

We are blessed to have this place for our daughter to attend, especially since we really didn’t want to send her to a daycare at all.

Tiffani Gallatin