4 Years - 5 Years

The Pre-Kindergarten Program at Greater Heights School

Pre-Kindergarten Program at Greater Heights School prepares children for success in Kindergarten, the first grade, and beyond. Greater Heights School has partnered with the University of Texas Health Science Center (UT Health) and the Children’s Learning Institute (CLI) to implement the Texas School Ready (TSR) program. The TSR is a comprehensive preschool teacher training program that combines a research-based, state-adopted curriculum with ongoing professional development and progress monitoring tools. Throughout the school year, Greater Heights School Pre-Kindergarten Program teachers are provided tools to help them learn more about the specific instructional needs of the children in their classrooms and how to support children using engaging lessons and activities. The new skills and techniques that teachers learn through TSR positively affect the classroom experience for children as well as enhance the academic performance of your child.

The Pre-Kindergarten Program

Vanguard Magnet Programs

The children that have graduated from the Greater Heights School’s Pre-Kindergarten Program have continued their journey of success in the elementary schools in our surrounding area. Over 85% of our graduates that have tested for the Houston Independent School District’s (HISD) Vanguard Magnet Program have passed and have been accepted into the program. Greater Heights School teachers and directors can assist you in qualifying for the best possible HISD programs for your child.

Listed are a few of the public and private schools in our neighboring and surrounding area that Greater Heights School’s Pre-Kindergarten Program will prepare students to attend:

  • Travis Elementary
  • Harvard Elementary
  • Field Elementary
  • Love Elementary
  • Helms Elementary
  • Sinclair Elementary
  • Garden Oaks Elementary
  • Oak Forest Elementary
  • The Fay School
  • The Regis School of the Sacred Heart
  • Theresa Catholic School
  • Stephen’s Episcopal School
  • Anne Catholic School

Language Arts and Literacy

Greater Heights School Pre-Kindergarten classes help children learn language by continually working with them to start reading and writing full sentences in both English and Spanish. Greater Heights School Pre-Kindergarten children develop early literacy skills because we have previously exposed them to the world of letters, words, and sentences throughout their journey within our programs. The fact that your child will develop advanced communication skills by the time they graduate from our program will give them a considerable learning advantage as they begin Kindergarten in their respective elementary.


Social Studies Curriculum

The Social Studies program is designed to prepare children for the world around them. Greater Heights School Pre-Kindergarten Program students start with learning about self, family, and the community; they will explore their roles and responsibilities to each aspect of their society. Greater Heights School students will study the great state of Texas, the United States, and the world. In doing so, your child will gain an understanding and an appreciation of the role cultural diversity plays in the exchange of ideas. Our focus is on the current role that individuals, businesses, and governments contribute to creating a society. History will instill an understanding of time and events that have changed the country and the world through the years. Geography will be explored both through mapping skills and the study of how geographical locations created both economic and population growth.


Leadership Development

There is some debate about whether some children are “born leaders” or they “learn to be” leaders. All children have the potential to develop leadership skills. Leadership development can be a lifelong process. The Greater Heights School Leadership Development Program can teach the skills necessary for children to take on leadership roles now and in the future. Here are some ways that you can help children develop leadership skills:

  • Model leadership behavior to children. Children learn from seeing what others do. At GHS, we let the child know what we are doing and why we are doing it.
  • Teach children how to see things from another’s point of view. Excellent communication is a crucial component of being an effective leader. We teach children how to listen carefully and how to respond to others calmly and respectfully.
  • Help children build self-confidence. We give children opportunities to do a good job and offer praise when appropriate. Public speaking skills build poise, self-esteem, and leadership. Students are taught how to present to others and be given many opportunities to improve these skills not only in the classroom but also in performing on stage and hosting events.
  • Find ways to create problem-solving situations. Children can learn how to solve their problems. We allow children to start making small decisions such as which activity they want to participate in and then give them more opportunities to make decisions as they learn the concepts of responsibility and consequences of making a decision.
  • Allow children to take leadership roles in the classroom. We create leadership situations in the form of classroom jobs. Children can lead by becoming the classroom “greeter,” “paper/supply manager,” “line leader,” or “attendance taker.” Children should have the opportunity to try various leadership jobs within the classroom.
  • Teach children how to work with others in a team situation. We hold group projects and activities, which are ways for children to work on a team.
  • Encourage children to pursue things that interest them. They may develop a passion for it and feel comfortable and later take on a leadership role.
  • Encourage communication and action. Leadership involves speaking up or taking action. Our Leadership Development teachers encourage children’s leadership abilities by suggesting projects or identifying problems that may be important to them and helping them to come up with suggestions for actions and possible solutions.


STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Art and Mathematics)


Science and Engineering Curriculum

Science and necessary engineering skills begin with observation. Scientists observe the world, ask questions, design experiments, collect data, and draw conclusions. The science curriculum at Greater Heights School follows this classical approach to the study of science. At Greater Heights School, science is not an event but a daily activity. We conduct science and engineering projects through hands-on involvement, which is the ultimate way to learn and enjoy. The Greater Heights School science and engineering program will establish a scientific foundation for your child in physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, and space exploration. These subjects will be blended with language arts, mathematics, engineering, and technology.

At Greater Heights School, your child will experience science as a fun and exciting method of learning. A solid science and engineering foundation are essential skills that make for a fun and exciting future for your child.

Technology Curriculum

Technology, in school settings, is often defined as the use of computers and presentation tools for instruction and learning. But there’s more to the technology program at Greater Heights School than just mastering the latest digital tools. Technology is the making of and the use of tools and techniques to solve a problem or perform a function. At Greater Heights School, your child will invent new technologies, such as robots, and use their inventions to solve exiting challenges. Your child will learn how tools and machines work and will work with other students in teams that parallel the real world. The problems are many. How will astronauts get to Mars? How will we feed the world? How can we reduce energy use? Through the Greater Heights School technology program, your child will become a problem solver throughout life.

Fine Arts

Art, Music, Dance, and Drama are expressions of the world. Each domain of the fine arts touches on the gifts your child possesses. The fine arts are a dynamic form of communication that supports the quality of life. The fine arts program at Greater Heights School is designed to enhance your child’s confidence, self-esteem, and ability to communicate. We approach the fine arts through hands-on involvement that stresses artistic appreciation, skills, and creative works such as drawing, painting, and three-dimensional object construction. Music will be filled with song, and your child will learn to read notes as well as the lyrics. Music and dance will go hand-in-hand to develop rhythm and coordination. Drama will give your child the chance to perform in front of others while developing confidence and stage presence. The Fine Arts Program at Greater Heights School will foster in your child an understanding and appreciation of the creations and techniques of the great artistic masters in all creative domains.

Mathematics Curriculum

Mathematics is a language. It is the language of many disciplines such as science, engineering, technology, commerce, and basic daily living. To lead a productive and secure life, your child needs to be literate in mathematics. Mathematics at Greater Heights School centers on mathematical operations as they apply to real-world situations. Measurement in cooking and handling money are some of the concrete conditions your child will learn to master. Your child will learn to reason mathematically, learn to compute, learn to estimate and predict, and learn to analyze mathematically. Mathematics, at Greater Heights School, is an essential component of our other curricular areas such as graphing data collected in a scientific experiment, measuring materials in an art project, or following the rhythm in music and dance. Mathematics, at Greater Heights School, will be taught both formally and informally. Formal mathematics instruction will equip your child with the mathematical operation, and communication skills and informal guidance will immerse your child in practical applications.




The Greater Heights School Pre-Kindergarteners are supervised by talented teachers to ensure safe mastery of the skills necessary for academic success. Productive learning balances exciting lessons with imaginative play and playing with friends in our secure, spacious playground.Teachers supervise and facilitate cooperative play and collaborative problem-solving using age-appropriate materials. Playground safety is a top priority, and all children and faculty wear closed-toe shoes throughout the school.