18 Months – 24 Months

The Toddler Program at Greater Heights School

Our innovative Toddler Program emphasizes hands-on learning through exploration and discovery. Curiosity is encouraged, and exploring is a must. Every developmental stage is an adventure. Our toddler program supports children’s developing independence by helping them hone self-help skills, such as the ability to feed themselves, relate to others, and make choices. Learning opportunities and experiences throughout the day are supported by nurturing, knowledgeable early childhood educators, who provide a sense of security through a predictable schedule and smooth transitions.

The Toddler Program

Cognitive and Intellectual Development

Before the age of two, toddlers’ cognitive skills transform: they are less reliant on the real world. They can envision abstract ideas, images, and scenarios – using their improved mental representations of objects and events. In other words, your toddler can now imagine the cookies in the pantry and try to get to them without the need to first see them there to verify their existence. Greater Heights Toddler teachers understand that child development does not follow a straight and narrow continuum; it’s much more like a roller coaster. Teachers understand that interests change, acquired knowledge or skills may seem to disappear and reappear without any rhyme or reason. Toddler Program classrooms provide an enriching environment that stimulates and entices your toddler with a wide variety of activities, along with your support and encouragement, you will help promote your baby’s cognitive development.

Social and Emotional Growth

At 18 months, your child’s identity is now established. Toddlers understand that their personalities, with unique characteristics, develop a strong will to become independent. Greater Heights School Toddler teachers understand that your toddler is strengthening their personal identity and along with our exercises that help engage in “parallel play” – playing the same game or activity as another child – or in “complementary play,” where one toddler repeats the actions of the other children. Greater Heights School Toddler teachers elicit empathy and emotional support as your child begins to distinguish between their feelings and the feelings of others.

Language and Communication

Your toddler’s language skills are developing quickly, and on any given day, you may be treated to several new words. By the time your toddler is two, they will most likely understand up to 200 words and use between 50 and 70 words. Our Greater Heights School Toddler teachers will work to help your child fulfill complex commands that contain two objects, like put the ball on the table. Toddler class children’s songs are designed to encourage your child to join in. Toddler teachers speak to your child in both English and Spanish. Greater Heights Toddler teachers ask open-ended questions in both English and Spanish to help your child construct short sentences and responses in a dual-language environment.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

After months of exercises and trial-and-error self-training, your toddler has now firmly acquired necessary fine motor skills. Greater Heights School Toddler teachers initiate play activities, and children enjoy kneading play dough, squeezing sponges, and drawing with crayons – still using a fisted grip without bending the hand that encourages and strengthens fine and gross motor skills. At the drawing table, toddlers initially doodle dots and random lines, which gradually develop into circle-like shapes. Greater Heights School Toddler teachers encourage children to feed themselves with spoons and holding a cup with two hands, drinking by themselves without spilling (too) much.

Toddler Program Safety

Our teachers ensure that active toddlers receive the guidance and supervision needed to succeed. Safe, toddler-proofed classrooms are bright and cheery, making the perfect setting for children to explore and discover the world. Proper toddler-to-teacher ratios are consistently maintained. All toys are age-appropriate and sanitized. Extra measures are in place to ensure handwashing and diapering are performed to maintain the highest level of cleanliness. Toddlers are gently guided and encouraged to explore safely indoors and outside on our playground, which is specially designed with active toddlers in mind.